Informatie tembela in CANCAN: „Spionati prin Tamiflu”

   Citez din articolul Spionati prin Tamiflu:

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   „Occidentalii se tem ca vaccinul contra gripei porcine ar putea contine un cip prin care populatia va fi monitorizata de politia mondiala.

   O informatie socanta a infierbantat recent imaginatia europenilor: vaccinul Tamiflu ar putea contine o asa-numita nano-particula, o piesa microelectronica prin care persoanele vaccinate vor putea fi monitorizate permanent. Informatia vine din Austria, de la inginerul Helmut Pilhar, promotorul Noii Medicine Germane (organizatie controversata in tarile anglo-saxone). Potrivit sursei, microcipul amintit ar functiona ca un hard-disc, pe care s-ar putea stoca o serie de informatii, iar persoanele vaccinate n-ar mai avea nevoie de documente de identitate sau de carduri bancare.
In plus, purtatorii ar putea fi monitorizati de la distanta, usurand munca statisticienilor, dar si a politiei.
Conform sursei, angajatii unui mare producator austriac de medicamente ar sti de existenta cipului, iar vaccinarea, benevola in acest an, ar putea deveni obligatorie din 2010

   In primul rand, Tamiflu nu este un vaccin ci un anti-gripal. Ca-i o mare problema cu el, este o cu totul alta poveste:

Pericolul TAMIFLU

   Apoi treaba cu cipurile … se amesteca borcanele rau de tot. Exista intr-adevar tehnologia care sa permita realizarea unor asemenea cipuri implantabile in corpul uman ce vor permite SISTEMULUI monitorizarea individului si care vor inlocui actualele acte de identitate, carnete de sofer, card bancar, etc. Si va fi intr-adevar o actiune de „cipuire” a populatiei, de fapt semnul fiarei de care se vorbeste in Apocalipsa si fara de care individul nu va putea vinde sau cumpara.

   Autorul articolului nu stie insa un lucru esential: cipuirea nu se va face fortat si nici fara stiinta „victimei”. Tocmai aici este chichita. Cititi va rog si:

Daca vorbim de 666, vorbim de Apocalipsa. Daca vorbim de sfarsitul vremurilor, acesta nu poate fi amanat …

   Nu stiu de unde a preluat CANCAN stirea, insa ceea ce a facut oarece valva in occident este dialogul pe care il puteti gasi si la: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/health/vaccinations/news.php?q=1252603660 si pe care il redau mai jos:

Interview with Dr Gert Hamer (German New Medicine) by  Helmut Pilhar (Engineer) ,

Wednesday, 26. August 2009

Hamer:  Within a few days our worst fears were indeed superseded by this cruel reality.

Pilhar: Geerd, are you talking about the $1000 fine and 30 day arrest threats for refusal to take the vaccination in the US? http://thebirdflupandemic.com/archives/1000-per-day-fine-and-30-days-in-jail-for-refusing-the-swine-flu-vaccine-in-massachusetts

Hamer: Yes, but the objectors (death chip opposers are traitors) are not going to be put into normal prisons but in especially prepared concentration camps of which hundreds have been prepared all over the country http://info.kopp-verlag.de/news/amerikanische-konzentrationslager-fertig-und-einsatzbereit.html . And you can leave those only by getting chipped. And once you are outside it is open season through the death chip. By chance these people are then going to drop dead like flies after their release.

Pilhar: Are you talking about the beginning of the great population cull?

Hamer: It can only mean that.  Otherwise it does not make any sense to get the military and the police involved, threaten with such draconian penalties, all just to get the people to participate in a simple seasonal flu shot campaign. It just does not make any other sense. Apart from the fact that there cannot even be a vaccination like that. You vaccinate in October (northern autumn) for the next summer. That is totally laughable. With Tamiflu you can maybe suppress typical healing phase symptoms for 2-3 weeks and even that is totally brainless in the light of GNM.

Pilhar: It is noteworthy that in the US there are literally many 100,000plastic coffins stock piled  http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=39130476  What for? And apart from that the population has been systematically stripped of weapons and protective dogs.

Hamer: You can best understand what the intent is by what is NOT talked about. One may talk about the vaccination, but nobody mentions the chip implanting by name. That is really strange because the chipping is the obvious issue in the face of these massive governmental measures. And that the Hitachi chip works and can be combined with the death chip we already talked about during the last interview.

The same can be seen in how my GNM ( German New Medicine) fared. For 28 years one was only allowed to discuss Hamer, the “Unperson”, but not whether GNM actually works and whether its claims are repeatable, and can be proven to work, in spite of 30 verified published results. The same applies to Tamuflu! There are endless discussions about Tamiflu causing harm but none about the chip. Of course Tamiflu is harmful, it is a poison.  It is also very damaging in the healing process or in the vagotonic phase of a pregnancy (last trimester). But the death chip adds a whole new dimension. That this death chip is going to be used without concern can be seen in the fact that chemo and morphine have been used without concern in spite of final mortality rates of 98%, while 98% could have survived with GNM.  Imagine the unscrupulousness of all oncologists, as they are fully aware that GNM adds up from a scientific perspective and works

Pilhar: It is also very strange that the Americans have created this Marshall Law, under which critics can be easily removed by the thousands and millions. And once you have chipped the people they cannot run away from you anymore.

Hamer:  It is obvious that this chip battle has been under preparation for many years. The idiotic swine flu, that does not even really exist, was actually the wrong tool: 3 dead pigs and one child, dead from who knows what, with that they lied and constructed a worldwide pandemic into existence. But it goes to show what a well organised world press is able to achieve: They can turn a mole hill into a mountain.

Pilhar:  It started with the AIDS lie, then followed the BSE lie. After the 9/11 lie followed the Anthrax lie. Then it was the Bird Flu lie, now it is the Swine Flu lie. Next year we’ll have the Mice Flu lie. It all points to the “Endloesung”, the final solution. When everybody has a chip then that will constitute the complete slavery, then everybody can be manipulated and assassinated arbitrarily.

Hamer: First they jump on the babies and the pregnant women. They are first to be treated with chips and Tamiflu. Many of the pregnant women in their last trimester are going to lose their babies, because Tamiflu is totally toxic. But also the women themselves can die, as their bodies are vagotonic during the last trimester.  It is a known fact that during vagotonia one flu shot or one morphine injection can be deadly.

In the meantime there seems to be some panic in the US. Where in the world can you flee to, people are asking themselves, where will you not be forcibly injected with the death chip and have one free moment away from your enemies?

One has to consider realistically what it would be like to carry this death chip and know that any day you can simply be switched off by the Centre in Tel Aviv.  You are completely defenceless against that and complaining won’t do you any good:  “If I only had known…” Therefore it is really important for the ruling class to keep the people in the dark about it as long as possible.

Once the slaves have the death chip implanted they are allowed to know about it. Then they will be like trained poodles. Nobody will dare to speak up. It will be like among the Masonic brethren.  Everybody knows that  the moment he utters a word of dissent, he will be served poison in the coffee by the always Jewish Grand Master and won’t survive another day.  The whole world is going to be a concentration camp full of slaves, except for the members of one religious group. To have the death chip implanted is the potential personal death sentence at any given time.

How naive do you have to be to demand of Mossad and the CIA to disclose what their real intentions are, “to table the facts”? The mouse never believes the cat will come.

In a company with several hundred staff, which produces, or better fills the injection needles for the chip vaccination, it will only need one or two “reliable” people to insert the chip at the end. Then all the other workers can confirm that they knew nothing.  This is called “quality control” and “final check” and appears completely normal.

Strange is too that every single chip vaccination needle has its own individual code number, which is added to the ID number. Why else would the silly “summer flu shot” needle have its own individual number and why should the passport accompany the supposed flu vaccination? And why do the Americans not want to let anybody into the country who does not have a chip?

Pilhar: The „Club of Rome“ declared in the 70s in one of their publications (possibly in Mankind at the Turning Point ) in effect  that either the birth rate would have to be reduced or the death rate increased. The Max Planck Institute believes that the world population must be reduced to 2 billion people. In the US there is the so called “American Stonehenge”, http://www.igeawagu.com/news/corruption/1199237261.html  a message engraved in 100 ton granite blocks, that the world population has to be reduced to 500 million people, to reach an “Era of Reason”.

When you look at the supposed issue of “overpopulation” it is interesting to note that apparently the State of Texas alone could feed all 6 billion people.  If one piled those 6 billion bodies with an average weight of 80kg and a volume of 80 liters on top and side by side of each other in a cube shape, the sides of this cube would be only 800 meters long. In Austria we could hide such a cube in the next valley.

I don’t believe in the so called “overpopulation” but rather suppose that the globalisation fanatics don’t need 6 billion work slaves and therefore want to reduce the population to one tenth.

Hamer: Helmut, you were right when you said during our last interview on 13 August 2009: „Once they have accomplished that, they have won.“  Therefore the German New Medicine had to be suppressed, because if this awareness and knowledge had been common  place they could not have done it. “Lewwer duad üs Slaav!“  Rather dead than slave! (from Pidder Lueng, by Detler von Liliencron).

Cheers to the GNM, the New Biological Medicine and a world view of freedom and truth for us all.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer ……………………………………………………………….

Ing. Helmut Pilhar ………………………………………………………………”

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